Emily's Mask


Download a PDF with instructions and patterns to sew Emily's Mask. Last updated 2020-05-31 21:07 PDT.
Six sizes are included, from XS (toddler) to XXL (for especially broad cheekbones or beards).
Cricut SVGs not currently available. Soon.
View a video of me stitching one. It's the previous version of the mask but the principles hold.

Apologies for the appearance of this website. Presumably you are just here for a pattern and don't care about fancy design. I could make it fancier but I have masks to sew.

This pattern is free to use for yourself and your community. If you want to express financial gratitude for this pattern, that's very kind of you. I have a ko-fi but I would prefer that you send money to the Mayor's Fund for Los Angeles to support Los Angeles families who have been hit hard by the economic fallout of COVID-19. (It would warm my heart to know how much you've donated if you do that, so please tweet me a pic of the acknowledgment of your donation or email a receipt to emily at lakdawalla dot com, if it's not too much trouble.)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the public have been advised to wear a cloth mask. Reusable, washable cloth masks can reduce exposure to airborne pathogens and particles, reduce the spray of droplets from a coughing sick person, and remind the wearer not to touch their nose and mouth. By making and wearing cloth masks, we will reduce demand for medical-grade disposable masks that our health care workers need to keep them and their patients safe.

I designed this mask to be comfortable and easy to sew, requiring very little fabric. It has few seams so can be hand-stitched. It can be made from any woven cotton material that can be washed in hot water (cotton, cotton-polyester blends) with or without an internal layer of sew-in interfacing for stability and increased filtering.

Old bedsheets and dress shirts are excellent fabric sources because they are usually cotton, usually have a high thread count for a dense weave that provides good filtration, and have been washed repeatedly so are soft and preshrunk.

This pattern is made available free for anyone to use. You may make as many as you like and give them away. You may alter the pattern as you please. You may NOT sell masks that you make from this pattern. Questions? Ask me questions on Twitter @elakdawalla..