Hello world!

My name is Emily Lakdawalla. I’m a planetary scientist, a space writer, a speaker, a mentor, a mom, an artist, and many other things. I’m passionate about exploring space, explaining science to anyone who is curious, and making the world a better place for having had me in it. You may know me from Twitter.

I’ve worked for The Planetary Society since 2001. I penned a blog for the Society for 13 years, but times and the organization and I have all changed, and my stream-of-consciousness musings no longer belong there. I needed a home for my work and writings outside of the Society, so here I am. I’m not sure how often I’ll update here. Whenever the spirit moves me.

What I am likely to write about: space exploration of course, and pretty space pictures. Also, the culture of space exploration: who gets to participate, who’s left out, and how important it is to make the space communities (both professional and enthusiast) more diverse places. Science fiction and fantasy. Fandom. (My current screen obsessions are the MCU, Wonder Woman, and Good Omens.) Art. Books I read. Whatever else comes to mind.

I’ll probably update once in a while on progress on my second book, which I am really trying to make progress on. (My first book, The Design and Engineering of Curiosity, came out in 2018; I’m working on a second, Curiosity and Its Science Mission, to be published in 2021.)

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